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Man there ought to be a Madness game on Steam.

I really love these series. Who would've thought that a stick figure animation was capable of feeling like a legitimate live-action film.

In case you may have not realized yet, Rob Denbleyker, the creator of the series, has been too busy with Cyanide & Happiness, so anyone frustrated on why the next episode has never come all these years, there's your answer. And as a bonus, now you have something to blame for the flash series' abrupt hiatus.

Our only hope is that at some point in time, Rob decides to leave C&H thus giving him the free time he needs to continue Joe Zombie, which none of us can't quite guarantee it'll happen anytime soon.

When I visited the homepage, as soon as I saw the pic for your movie I immediately had a good idea of what to expect, and sure enough, I wasn't disappointed.

I really liked the fluid sprite animation and quality music, not to mention the dialogue; it really gave off that 2001-ish nostalgic anime appeal, although the voice acting isn't as much as good. Not that it's a major complaint.

It seems quite apparent that you gathered much influence from Freedom Planet, which also happens to have pixelated graphics and an Asian setting. Some crossover art (and possibly crossshipping of Gen and Lilac too, but let's not overthink that) is bound to show up on DeviantArt anytime soon, once this gains enough recognition, that is, not that you should take that negatively. And Gen is so much like Sonic in terms of personality.

I see a lot of potential in this series. If this had a game adaptation, GalaxyTrail just might have competition. Looking forward to more.

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This game just might become the next FNF.

What's the song name? Seriously, I've been wondering what it is all these years but was unable to find the answer myself.

I'm guessing you were heavily influenced by Baldi's Basics.

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Your works never cease to amaze us. You really should sell your songs or make tutorials so we can learn what makes your songs sound so good.

Great chiptune! It sounds like something from Scott Pilgrim.

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Very nice Japanese aesthetic!

Linttop responds:

Ayy thank you!!

This one's gonna win for sure.

I think I know who's gonna win this contest.

I'm an avid artist with a serious love for the visual arts and graphics. I'm also a highly skilled rhythm gamer.

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